It seems two of America’s most voluptuous celebrity vixens have caught the Afro-bug, and were recently seen stepping out in the same African-inspired, Ankara print dress.

As the beautiful Amber Rose strutted her sexy stuff about town in Mara Hoffman’s one shoulder silhouette, reality queen Kim Kardashian was papped in the same bold printed piece on the red carpet.

With both women known for their bountiful bodies and stunning good looks, being pictured in the same dress – mere weeks apart – leaves question over who wore it best inevitable…


Who do you think wore it better? Add your two-cents below.

May the curve-off commence!

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6 Responses

  1. Nogo

    I don’t particularly like either one of them in the dress BUT Kim rocks it better

  2. Regina Ideh

    Kimberly wore it better. Amber just looks trashy in the dress, not loving the length.

  3. Cindy

    So far, so unanimous – looks like only Amber’s left to notice the dress is a bit short… That said, Kim’s shoes just scream “wrong choice!” to me… The style? Ok. But the colour? Nah…

  4. Nicola

    haha yeh totally agree with all the above.. Ambers length is just not a good look… Kims look better but not amazing like normal, and yeh Cindy i think she shouldve picked some different shoes, i like the style but yeh even they look ok. id have picked some high purple louboutin esque’s or even turquoise would look good.. any but the ones shes in! Amber shoes are better than kims but i dont particularly like them either! lol

  5. Towsyn

    ha kim defo wore it better and she looks classier than amber in many ways with her beautiful skin and hair. amber just looks like some ghetto chic man!!!


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