Sassy, sexy Cameroonian-Nigerian  pop star, Reprudencia  .N. Sonkey  who goes by the professional moniker  Dencia  has been famous for  launching  the controversial skin whitening  cream “Whitenicious” which as reported by her sold out in millions of dollars worldwide. Behold, she has  manufactured yet  another  new body cream  &  lotion.

If you can recall, her whitenicious cream poster not only went viral on world wide web but drew  the attention of Hollywood as well as scathing criticism. She was accused of promoting dark skin inferiority and selling the belief that white is better than black via her brand. She was even hosted  on Oprah’s  show  to discuss the colour  controversy  surrounding her new product and  actually locked indirect horns with Kenyan Oscar winning actress Lupita  Nyongo over  the  said  cream.

And  now she  has  a new  one added to  her skin beauty range, signifying it’s birth by posting the following photos on her Instagram page.




So what exactly does this particular version do?  Many might wonder. Turn  light latte skin to dark chocolate?  Hate or love  Dencia,  but  don’t fail to applaud  her business skills.




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