Music Meets Runway @ Eko Hotel Expo Hall in Lagos – By Sharon Ojong

If you have ever imagined what it will be like to watch your favourite musicians perform live while creative designs from young artists strut down the runway, then Music Meets Runway was the place to be on Saturday 09th July.

After all the setbacks following the Amber Rose fiasco, most people thought the show would be a flop. They got it all wrong. “With or without Amber Rose the show must go on” was the mantra chanted from the Bobby Taylor PR camp as the main essence of the show were the designers and the artists. And if there was no Amber Rose there was still Toolz of the BeatFM, who co-hosted alongside BankyW.

Opening act for the night D’PRINCE, performed two of his hit tracks (Ooze and Give it to me) while edgy, youthful and casual designs from VONNE COUTURE were rocking the runway. I love Vonne’s bow tie detailing, the added hairpieces stood out as wearable art for all occasions;

Photography by Reze Bonna

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