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Wear Colour! 5 Hues To Embrace This Summer

It is very easy to get lost in a routine with your outfits but one thing that we always love to preach is colour! With a touch of colour you can transform a whole outfit as well as also choosing to go with monotones and shades of one colour.

This summer we want to try out a trend of wearing monotones – all blue, all pink, all yellow and more looks. For 2014’s Summer it is time to embrace bright and colourful hues and we have just the perfect 5 colours to suggest to transform your wardrobe and transform your looks…but only if you are brace enough!

Take a look at five new striking, and most unexpected ways to wear colour this summer:

Risky Red Capture
The trick to wearing an all-red look this summer is to play with the different shades. Go bright for your actual outfit, whether it is a dress (simpler to pull off) or a blouse and skirt, and then go dark on your accessories to balance out the look.

Pretty Pink Capture1

Again with this colour mixing shades is the easiest way to pull it off but luckily for us, with pink you can sneak in bits of nude to help balance it out. It also helps to usually go with the pastel pink as it is softer to look at unlike fuchsia pink. So cut back on the loud shades and go more with the soft shades of pink for this look.

Boldly Blue Capture2
Blue is perhaps the easiest shade to pull of this summer. Think of your denim and you can pair it with almost anything. To avoid looking too “blue”, ditch the jewelry and go for a simple casual look. It works every time.

Make It Metallic Capture3
It is easy to add yellow as one of the colours but yellow is a bit difficult to pull off so we are making things easy with gold. Go for gold and make metallic elements be in your outfit as you put the pieces together.

Go For Green Capture4
Green is another colour that is fairly easy to pull off as a monotone and the best way to do it is to pick one major shade of green and play around it. For instance you can go with a forest green dress and then pick your other pieces to complement it.


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