It is a delight to see entertainers do more than just entertain. There is a higher calling to every fame. And if you can’t add positive value or moral development to the society, continent or the world with your talent then it is for nothing.

Reach a Hand Uganda, RAHU uses authority figures and role model personalities to reach the youth  on the issue of reproductive health and sexual responsibility.  They also try to spread the word on HIV/AID via the mouth pieces of entertainers whom the young people love to emulate.

Afro -pop star Tiwa Savage was one of those channels speaking up with the organisation in their event in Uganda where she addressed young girls on the maintenance of focus on a healthy life style.




She used her own life as beacon admitting to having failings and how she has excelled past these drawbacks. And in a heartfelt manner, Tiwa reminded her young audience that:

Life is about planning ahead, so if you as a young person do not plan for parenthood, you will always be dependent on other people and unable to break out of the cycle of poverty. It is not good to keep on being helpless – we have to take responsibility for our lives.

Disseminating  the message of best safe, health reproductive practices was the aim of this seminar held on the 8th of March 2015.  “


Join the conversation on social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) via the hashtag #LetGirlsLead. We can all contribute. Let’s educate and add value to our continent.


Watch the video:


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