Waterproof Workwear for Rainy City Days – by Sharon Ezeamaka

Hey FAB readers! How are you doing this rainy, rainy Wednesday?


I know how annoying it is to go out on a wet day, worrying over the increased potential to soak your shoes or get your dress dirty…. I’ve been suffering a rainy Lagos day today and, in my struggle to avoid the inevitable splashed and soaked attire, I came up with a few solutions….


My Tips for Waterproofed Workwear:

Looking FAB at all times is a major priority (especially for me, working at FAB’s office everyday!) so here are some fashionable basics that are weather and fashionista appropriate…

Skinny jeans and a fitted shirt are a comfortable and chic way to go, so you won’t have any issues moving in and out of the rain, jumping over puddles and into your office chair.

Since, on a rainy day, you’ll probably want to walk unusually fast or even run to avoid the weather, I suggest knee-high boots (kitten heels of course) which will be comfortable and high on the leg, to avoid those puddles making their way inside your shoes and down to your toes!

Then, thinking polished but weather-appropriate, I’d finish the look with a leather trench coat, and yes, stick to black or brown. The leather is great for keeping your workwear dry and it won’t get soaked in the rain either. Not only that, but a leather mac will be easy to clean, so you won’t be off to the drycleaner’s after hours to rid yourself of any mud and splash stains.


And while office wear is usually quite formal, no one said you couldn’t spruce up with a necklace, bangle/cuff, or some earrings…

Needless to say, you’ll be needing one of these, too – nobody wants to deal with frizz first thing in the morning and have to suffer a bad hair day in front of their colleagues…



With the above advice, I hope I’ve helped to have you straight from your place to your office, home and dry.


Stay FAB!



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