Virgos Lounge is a London based brand established in 2008 by founders, Fioye Akinsola, Oyeyemi Wemi-Akinsola and Nike Ajanaku. The trio whose shared zodiac signs inspired the name of the label, sought out to capture a niche in the fashion market for affordable vintage clothes in pristine condition.

The brand provides unique, quality, individually selected vintage clothing as well as vintage inspired clothing designed created by the Virgos Lounge team. Virgos Lounge is constantly discovering and creating pieces for those individuals who are trend savvy but still take pride in the uniqueness of their style.

Inspired by the iridescent and shimmering shades of a peacock, The Peacock Collection consists of striking statement pieces that are guaranteed to drop jaws. This collection combines the simplicity of classic pieces from past eras armed with the power of bold yet playful colors such as green, purple, blue, red and pink embellished in gold. This collection pushes the boundaries of vintage clothing by developing fashion forward statement piece that would add excitement to any wardrobe.

The Peacock collection as well as previous collections are currently sold online at The brand is successfully building a loyal clientele and with just two years under its belt, Virgos Lounge is a thriving company with a promising future.

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