Nigerian rapper/designer Ruggedman has been accused by a US-based Nigerian woman, Barkley of stealing designs of his new shoe line T.S.W (Twentieth September Wear) from Fever Shoes proprietress Natischa Harvey (a 26-year-old shoe designer who launched her Fever Shoe line about six years ago and has had her shoes grace the feet of notable Hollywood stars). This she claimed on her twitter handle @KingAqua05.
She went on and argued her point saying

“wowwwww, Ruggedman stole his entire shoe collection from Fever Shoes. Wow wow @Ruggedman, you no try at all, you stole your entire shoe collection from Natischa Harvey’s Fever Shoes. I know Fever Shoes are not super popular but still come on! He wasn’t even subtle about it. He didn’t even change the colour or tweak the design a little.”

Ruggedman who promptly responded to the allegation tweeted

“I thought of ignoring you but decided to speak to you a bit and let you know that just because you have mouth doesn’t mean you speak all the time. People like you are so quick to jump at a chance to run someone down with negativity. You fail to reason first before acting. I know your type. I only got one word for you, customizing. Try and figure the rest out yourself I can’t tell you my trade secret.”

The rapper told a source that he doesn’t know any Natischa or Fever Shoes, “Is she a Nigerian”- he asked.
He added that no idea is original under the sun, and that he is still daunted over the reason(s) human beings tend to run others down when an idea is working out well.

However, the rapper says he his gratified that people love the label and are talking about it.


Fever shoes

T.S.W shoes by Ruggedman

A Fever Shoe

A collection of Fever Shoes

So do we define this a coincidence? hmm! well well ladies there’s a new trend of heels in town, go grab yours fast.

see photos of both shoe lines below.