1. Breaking news: The Ankara fetish has gone viral! Nothing has been left untouched! From Ankara bibs to parchment jackets sewn in the Lady Gaga style, no article of fashion has proven too difficult for this fabric to master.

Designers such as Bola Obileye have put Ankara to good use, creating masterpieces for fashionistas like us to gush over!

This Tote by Bola Obileye retails on the Africa Highstreet website for only 150 pounds!


2.  Denim is back, and the ladies are rocking it! Check out Rihanna sporting this spiked and studded number, designed specially for her by Blessed and Cursed. It was such a hit that the designers included it in their collection, retailing at $999


Reese Witherspoon is also staying in trend with the Elliot the Snap Denim jacket, which goes for $275. She pairs it with a blue print dress.

 The denim jacket can also be worn ‘primly’ by tucking it into a skirt, as this model did for the DKNY Spring Summer 2013 Collection.


3. Hot sizzling maxi dresses on my radar! Check out Michelle Dede and Eku Edewor rocking the same iconic dress, which was one of the pieces for Grey’s Dimension Collection showcased at the 2011 MTN fashion show. Eku gives the dress a playful feel adorning it with a gold necklace with a cute teddy bear pendant. Michelle enhances the shape of the dress with a gold belt. Either way, both look fabulous!



These are alternative maxi dresses with a casual feel to it. The orange colour gives them a pop and they can be paired with a really nice blazer or could be made uber casual with a denim jacket.

This Mono strap maxi dress with an interesting print is a showstopper any day.


4.  And colour blocking never left town! It has remained on  runways leaving us panting for more. This breathtaking  orange, purple, teal and gold ensemble was created by Gucci.

Grey also took a chance at colour blocking at the 2011  MTN Fashion show, debuting a yellow, blue and orange dress, proving their colour blocking mettle!

Now do not be afraid to step out in what your parents would have considered a riot! All you need are solid bright colours and a good eye for blocking!

5. The bun just left the oven, still fresh and hot!  Models and guests rocked these sizzling buns at the 2012 Ages of Fashion show. Thankfully this look is one any lady can easily pull off. All that is required is a little hair gel, a styling comb and bobby pins.



6. These days you can’t go wrong sporting a pleated skirt. It is no longer tagged as old fashioned, and I don’t have to feel funny wearing my high school uniform because it is back in vogue!



These purple and yellow pleated skirts designed by House 38 go for N65000 each!

7. The maxi skirt is the seventh top trend on my list. Pair your maxi skirt with a tank top and you’re good to go!



This blue maxi skirt goes for N4,669 at myboolah .com


This blue vintage silk maxi skirt is on sale at the Chictopia website for $5.95.

8.Colour blocked shoes are trending! Let Lumia deliver this Lemon Waswani to your doorstep for only N10, 500!

And pizzazz to your outfit with Jessica Simpson’s Heels for only $49.97

9. Please note that m’ladies are dumping big bags for smart clutches



Get this Poupee Couture Black Pleated Clutch with neon yellow lining for only $158

This Proenza Schouler PS11 Olimpia Leather Clutch can be yours for a whopping $1,225!

10. And it is absolutely FAB to sport the natural look.

Stay FABulous!

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