Luxury travel gurus at Virtuoso released their list of top destinations to visit in the year 2015 and we delved in and picked out our five favourite from their list of must go to destinations this year. From beach getaways to city breaks we all need a holiday every now and then so check out the below for some of the hottest locations this year.

Maldives; Exotic Getaway

If you’re in need of a total beach getaway, at some point this year then the Maldives are the place for you. Yes they’re renowned for being a total honeymoon destination but we all deserve some time off from the rest of the world. Enjoy total seclusion and an exotic haven. The many islands, retreats and private villas make it the destination when all you want to do is relax and soak up some sun. True seclusion – and larger bungalows

maldives constance


Italy; Culture

With destinations such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and the Amalfi Coast, it’s no wonder that Italy is the top travel spot for 2015. The perfect balance of culture, food, history and fashion, Italy provides a bevy of bucket list must-sees, with endless shopping along the way.



South Africa; Safaris and Adventure

South Africa is quickly climbing the travel charts as a must-visit destination for those craving both adventure and relaxation. Go on a safari to see the country’s incredible wildlife or take a canopy tour to take in the views from above. With access to a wide selection of outdoor activities that are probably lingering on your bucket list, from diving with sharks to riding ostriches or simply enjoying the incredible rocky beaches of Cape Town, South Africa becomes not only a Safari destination but an adventure packed vacation.


Australia; Downtime

Head to the land Down Under for your warm-weather retreat, soak up the sun and indulge in the Australian easy going lifestyle. Spice things up a bit and dive into the Great Barrier Reef, visit wildlife retreats, soak up the white sandy beaches and hit the infamous Sydney Opera House, located in the heart of it all for a true down under experience in 2015.



Myanmar; Emerging Destination

It was once the land of mystery to the tourist circuit until recently and it’s no surprise why, this hidden gem has lots to offer from the Yangon with its golden pagoda, Bagan’s thousand-year-old temples, and floating-village life on Inle Lake, plenty of empty beaches, lush rain forests and pristine reefs to be discovered. Myanmar is that one new place you absolutely have to check out this year before it becomes a tourist trap rather than attraction.


Virtuoso advices spending three days cruising through one of the country’s least known treasures, the Mergui Archipelago, on Natural Habitat Adventures’ 13-day journey through Myanmar and Thailand. Mergui’s 800 mostly uninhabited islands lie scattered along the western coast and provide an endless array of empty beaches, lush rain forest, and pristine reefs rich with manta rays, sea turtles, and whale sharks. After Mergui, the 62-foot catamaran sails Thai waters to Khao Sok National Park’s limestone towers, home to langurs, macaques, and fish eagles.



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