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No matter how genius or how creative you think you are, issues and matters of the heart are quite delicate. So you must be careful how to handle them. Figuring things to do on a date doesn’t come easy and that’s why you should thank us later for these ideas. Here are top 10 extremely romantic things you can do for a date with that special someone.

*Go To The Beach


Play and move about on the sand at the beach. Take a blanket so you two can lay on it while you have light lunch. Play football and also take long walks around the water front. This can guarantee a fun time on your date.

*Visit The Aquarium


The aquarium is such a lovely place to visit. It is filled with fish, sea turtles and no other place spells out romance as much as the aquarium does.  Stroll through the darkened rooms and point out your favorite creatures. The aquarium has this glow that makes your date less stressful and calm.

*Eat On The Floor In Your House

floor eating

Have you ever noticed how cliche going to a restaurant for a date can be? It’s what regular people do. So for that extra effort, cook your date one of your special delicacies and then eat on the floor because dining at the dinner table can feel overly stiff and formal.  Get pillows on the floor to make it a bit comfortable and you can feed each other dinner if you are that close.

*Visit A Park for Playtime

garden playtime

Sometimes what you need to spark up romance is a little bit of fun. Visit a park or if you can turn your courtyard to the play ground. Paint each others faces and run around the whole place. You never can tell how romantic that would turn out.

*Go To A Karaoke Bar


Karaoke bar is a place to sing out your hearts even with have horrible voices and you don’t get criticized for it. Go to a karaoke bar and down a couple of drinks for courage to sing your heart through. You both can gossip and judge other performances together.

*Visit A Spa

date spa

Who says you can’t go on a date to the spa. That seems like the coolest idea ever. Both of you can enjoy hours of pampering while on a date. Get manicure and pedicure done and also enjoy the massage. You can take hot steam baths together too.

*Outdoor Movies

outdoor movies

We all know how regular movie dates are. Do not do the regular things, think of something exceptional. Get a projector and set it up in the garden and see a movie. You get the feel of the big screens at the cinema while enjoying some private moments. Get throw pillows that you can rest your head on and you can also get beer and popcorn or snacks. What a comfortable and relaxing date.

*Build Up A Tent and Camp


Building up a tent is not also the regular thing to do on a date. Pitch a beautiful tent to create the ultimate lair of love. Fill the tent with pretty lights and soft fabrics and good R&B music for that amazing camping experience. Bring in your favorite meal or snack accompanied with drinks. You guys can exchange letters about things you wish to say to each other, you can also peep out to watch the stars from your tent. How romantic can that be.




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