Top 8 beauty faux pas and how to prevent them


Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. But here at FAB, these are some of the most important sins against beauty we think will never allure the eyes of the beholder.

1. Thin strips as eyebrows – This is not cool ladies, so not cool! They make you look like the bride of Frankenstein! There are two shapes to use when it comes to eyebrows, they are the arch and the curve. Which ever one you go for, defines your face and makes your eye make up and face more obvious. A way to look gorgeous without necessarily looking scary is to go to a professional to get your eyebrows threaded or do it yourself by getting your eyebrows plucked with tweezers or shaped with a razor blade. Tip: Always moisturise after getting your eyebrows done, because the skin around there is delicate and prone to breakout. Also use brow pencils most similar to the natural colour of your brows. Below is a video on how to draw on your eyebrows and look boom with it.

2. Using black lip liner – This is so 2001 or still acceptable in the goth subculture. You should only be caught rocking a black lip liner if you are going to a fancy dress party or for the Morticia Addams look. If you are a lip liner addict, just go for colours that match the colour of your lipstick or lipgloss. One style that is chic right now is the ombre lip. Darker toned lipliner and lighter toned shade of the lip liner in the form of the lipstick or gloss on the inside.

3. Fake looking contact lens colours – Afrocentric folks argue this beauty trend as a form of self hate. But really it is a fashion blunder, even on toffee toned women of colour.


It looks unrealistic and non complimentary whatsoever.  It is best to rock contact lenses in brown shades. Think honey, hazel and almond. They flatter darker complexions more, and can still pass for being pretty natural.

4. Creepy looking false lashes -The late Goldie made a statement with these bad girls. But on a normal day, we say no, no and NO! Most ladies think it’s gorgeous and gives va va voom to the eyes. It only makes it look like you have spiders chilling on your eyelids girlies. Natural looking falsies in medium lengths are ideal, they create volume. One important tip to note is, make sure you blend your falsies with your natural lashes, otherwise it will be overly unsightly.

5. Weave tracks showing - Most ladies now think it is the in thing to reveal the tracks on their weave extensions to the whole world. Tracks are meant to be hidden either with your hair or a closure. It is all about faking the funk not blowing out your cover and making people say, ‘oh, it is not her real hair.’

6. Matching eye shadows with accessories or clothes – The matchy matchy era is gone. Get with the times of mixing colours or using neutral colours. Most girls move around thinking they look hip, but are like a walking circus of tackiness. Eyeshadows should not really be matched with your outfit, but if you do, tone it down and make it less obvious.

7. Not blending your foundation and powder correctly -We all remember the “Baby Pancake” song from the late 90s. It is a perfect name calling for this beauty blunder. It is imperative that you blend your foundation, concealer and powder well. Below is a video on how to blend properly.

It tones your face and makes it look clearer.

8. Using the wrong colour of blush – Most say women of colour shouldn’t rock blush, because it’s for oyinbos with no melanin in their skin. That is a beauty myth, you can rock blushers. Blushers add character to your makeup, and if done correctly highlight your apples and cheek bones much more. Now ladies usually over do it by using shades too light, like baby pink or bright red. How to get it right is by using darker toned blushers. It sits well on fairer skinned ladies too. Another video below on some of the example of blush shades for women of colour.

Ladies if you have any more to share, drop them beneath in the comment section. Stay FAB!


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One Response to Top 8 beauty faux pas and how to prevent them

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    Why can’t we black women be natural and beautiful? These women that are featured look tacky and ugly!!!!!

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