To Rent? Or not to Rent? – by Nwadiogo

designer bags on rent

So yesterday I met up with our FAB new interns (they’re really cool) and somehow we managed to get into a conversation about handbags after having had some lovely ham and cheese sandwiches (I followed Juliana’s example and put mustard on them – YUM!)

Ok, ok I digress…

So… handbags! Yes we must have been admiring each other’s and I mentioned the lack of Louis Vuitton on my arms… (it’s all coming back to me now… lol)

Long story short we were like wouldn’t it be cool to rent a bag? Apparently I am the last to know because they do that already…

So I wanted to ask you FAB readers:

Would you ever rent a bag? Or do you think its pointless? Should I just wait till I get to the financial stage in which I can get my own? Or am I better off with a nice River Island bag (I actually love their bags)

Opinions wanted!


Nwadi (the ogo is optional) xx


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One Response to To Rent? Or not to Rent? – by Nwadiogo

  1. Precious says:

    hmmnn… Your not the last the know.. cos am jus finding this out.. I think I would make do with river island till I get to LV’s financial stage or even primark.. they have cool things…
    But then again the thoght of rentin is tempting depending on where am going to and if I really need to make a statement.. It would be cool to tote an Hermes Birkin…

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