Its my favourite time of the week again! (No, I’m not lazy)… I just have a special love for weekends.

This weekend, I have alot of things lined up for me. I won’t be working, I’ll be playing and having so much fun because I deserve it. I work so hard, I should play hard too! ;)

To usher me into the weekend (which starts today for me) I’ll be listening, singing and dancing to this amazing, fun song by my princess, Rihanna.

From her album “Loud” here is “Cheers (drink to that)”

Here are some of the songs I’ll be DANCING to this weekend… I know I’ll dance to them not because I’m a DJ, but because I’m a rockstar!

If you want to have a fun weekend, come and party with me. Let’s get the in and kick the notepads out! :D

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