Oh how the young Disney mouseketeer has grown up into a fine man! The teen that was once ridiculed for sporting what seemed to be some kind of exotic creature on his head during his N’Sync days and poured his heart out over his much publicised break up with Britney Spears on “Cry Me a Winner” is not only got 6 Grammy awards but also 2 Emmys under his belt. Producing consistently good musical work over the years, he has also appeared in highly acclaimed movies, the most recent of which, Social Network, brought him 7 award nominations for his performance.

And acting and singing are not the only two talents our boy boasts. In 2006, he appeared on Saturday Night Live, doing double duty as both host and musical guest for the second time, so his most recent appearance as a guest host doesn’t come as a surprise. On 21 May, Justin was once again the SNL guest host appearing alongside the other SNL regulars and musical guest Lady Gaga.

Justin’s comic performance on this little song here gives me all the more reason to see his forthcoming summer releases, Friends with Benefits and Bad Teacher (Incidentally featuring his equally hilarious ex Cameron Diaz).

Here is the clip of ‘Not Gonna Sing Tonight’ followed by the trailers of the said movies.




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