By now you all should have had enough OMG from the recent Royal wedding between Price William and Kate Middleton, what i guess you haven’t had much of is WTF and that’s why I’m putting up this post.

There were a whole lots of souvenir companies who made mad cash from this very big day, part of such companies is a bottling company who sent some of its staff out to go bottle the air from the venue of the royal wedding. The term “love is in the air” is now beginning to make sense to me……since not everyone got the invite to the monarchical marriage festival to smell the air, the bottle of air from the Royal wedding is now for sale, selling next to the most expensive champagne, this bottle which I’m sure is a mixture of exuberant floral scents and the fragrance of expensive perfumes is definitely priceless thing to own.

Bottle of Royal air

Ok, you think you’ve had enough? wait to meet The fake Royal Couple.


The look alike of Price William and Kate Middleton

And so i was on the internet………and Bam! what did i see? a bunch of the Royal wedding look alike pictures, from Queen Elizabeth to Prince William and Kate Middleton, geez!

This look alike models of the Queen, Prince William and Kate i heard earn up to £1,000 a day for their appearances, you obviously don’t have to be born with it to make big bucks anymore.

Queen Elizabeth look alike

The almost Royal wave

Don’t we all wish we had the good genes of these celebrity look-alike models?



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  1. Miss O

    Hahaha funny post Wale.. WTF Royal Air? Wow!.. Lol.. And 1,000 pounds a day, yes I do wish I looked like kate right now!!


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