With 2014 winding down and coming to an end comes the time time of reflection and with that the release of Google’s ‘it’ list. The list details what’s been trending, what we’ve been searching all year and quite frankly what we’ve been obsessed with all year. From fashion to beauty trends, celebrity to fashion designs and ‘how to…’ questions to memes they have it all.



We did’t Google Beyonce enough!


Of course it differs per country, with Beyonce making it to number one in the UK yet not making it at all on the US list of most searchedfemale celebrities – you say what now? While the likes of Jennifer Lawrence are confirmed as one of the most searched celebrities (surprise, surprise) probably due to her film packed year and that not so secret photo nude hack scandal. And you also the like of Kim Kardashian who couldn’t not make the list – she did try to break the internet, to Renee Zellweger and Amal Alamuddin now known as Mrs Clooney.

Check out a global rundown below on some of the most Googled people this year.

Top Trending People, Globally

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Julie Gayet
  4. Tracy Morgan
  5. Renee Zellwegger
  6. Jared Leto
  7. Lorde
  8. Matthew McConaughey
  9. Amal Alamuddin
  10. Donald Sterling


Top Trending People in the US

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Tracy Morgan
  4. Ray Rice
  5. Tony Stewart
  6. Iggy Azalea
  7. Donald Sterling
  8. Adrian Peterson
  9. Renee Zellweger
  10. Jared Leto


myles monroe

Top Trending People in Nigeria 

  1. Myles Monroe
  2. Kefee
  3. Dora Akunyili
  4. Joan Rivers
  5. Juan Mata
  6. Robin Williams
  7. Di Maria
  8. Stella Dimoko
  9. Will Smith
  10. Chaz B

Check out more of Google’s trending list here.

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