Dear Diary,

How are you today?

I hope it’s all good and great with you. Me? I’ve got a lot going on right now. It’s about a friend. My best friend. She’s in a mess so bad that she has no idea where to begin, how to move on and how to even start. Or what to start. When you get the full download of the story, you might wonder how that so, so connects with me but I hope you will understand.
So my best friend, she got pregnant. Unmarried. Big deal; so? I can hear you say. I learnt about it today and my world feels shattered. Maybe not my world – a part of it, I think. Well I don’t expect it to be so easy for you to understand since you’re not the one in a situation. I’m in this mess too. For as long as I can remember, we have done everything together, shared everything. EVERYTHING! Except our boyfriends, of course! I have come to be so attached to her that sometimes I don’t think I can get along well in life without her every input – deliberate or not. It always turns out to be positive, most times. She’s the one who encouraged me to write the book I told you about. Yeah, that one; my first. She’s the one who insisted I audition for that campus to campus talent hunt – even though I didn’t bag home the prize, I sure learnt a great deal about launching out, facing your fears and being unmindful about the supposed lion in the streets. That’s just a silly excuse for anyone who wants to just sit around and do nothing. So you see when I say a part of my world could be falling apart. Even though I know now that I will begin to gradually learn to do things on my own from now on – if you know what I mean – I still feel her pain. Even though I can’t touch it, I feel it.
My friend is heartbroken not just from the ache of being rejected by the supposed father of her child (like this doesn’t happen every other day) but also from the pain of facing possible abandonment by her family (they are not her real family.


See, girlfriend’s got a lot going on for her). She feels so deeply in her heart that she has come to a standstill. She’s stuck at the very point she’s always dreaded. This point where an abrupt end has come to all of her dreams, so she says. The feeling is chocking. But it’s the kind that you can’t escape until it’s done dealing with you. Society, as I expected isn’t kind to her either. No one wants to associate themselves with persons believed to be failures. Who wants to even know it’s a case of rape? Who cares if she might soon be losing her family? Or that she needs all the help she can get to help her adjust to this sudden switch? No one. But maybe a few who think that the best way to say you stand by a person going through stuff is by ignoring the problem or choosing not to identify with them. What a way! What a silly, silly way. You can care in your own little way. It could be a hug. Or a phone call. Or a little gift from a heart that says so much more,  yes, she’s going to come out of this; maybe triumphant, maybe broken. But I sincerely hope her very optimistic, daring self isn’t lost in all of the drama in dealing with the broken pieces.
What? About my impossible publisher? Oh, he’s doing okay. And my book? Progress couldn’t be going any better than it already is! I know you want all the details and I promise not to disappoint you but right now, let’s talk about matters of a broken heart even though we do not have any ideas on how to fix it. I will start with that hug, that phone call. And message. I will start with being there for her almost every time she needs me. I can’t promise every time. I’m not that perfect. But I hope in the end, my love is worth her while.


For your sake, dear, listening, sweet

Diary, I’ll manage to put on a smile – at least for every time you made my day. And what’s more? Life is beautiful, isn’t it. I’ll try to believe that for the rest of this trying moment :)

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