Friday Nights Live!!!

Thank God it’s Friday,

I heard someone scream, blocks away from my apartment! I’ve had such a long week and it didn’t occur to me that it was already Friday. I called the girls for drinks, and as expected, they howled “Uddy baby! Thank God it’s Friday!
AHAA!!! We made plans to meet at our favourite hangout spot – the rooftop; at 7pm.
We’d barely ordered drinks, when I noticed this man staring at me in the most awkward manner. Teachers need to include in children’s school curriculum ‘Manners and Etiquette of behaving publicly.’ This guy’s stare can make a day old baby go blind! It was that bad! I totally ignored him and resumed gisting with my friends, ranting about how much I hated the lame pickup lines men attack me with, in a bid to get under my….

As I tried to wiggle my hips to Dbanj’s ‘Give it to me now’ I noticed Mr. Uncouth staring lustfully at me, AGAIN! He finally got the balls to walk up to me. “Damn! He’s a Hunk,” I said to myself. Dude was very tall and handsome, with rippled abs almost tearing his t-shirt off. With nonaggressive excitement, I muffled a few words to myself “Could this be it?”
Not all that glitters is gold? Eff that shit!
“My name is Jason. Can I meet you, gorgeous?” He whispered in my ears, as the noise in the club was deafening! He smelt like the fresh leaves of Frangipani flowers. His smile was so infectious…To be cont’d

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