If I’m not happy with myself, I can never be happy with someone else. Being a career girl is definitely a positive concept in today’s world. I just dive into the field of my abilities and what my inner drive inspire me. I love my job; I love the fact that I have something in my life that I can relate to.

Unfortunately, in today’s world there are like 110 single women to every 90 single men and you know what’s strange? Most of the women who have these men seem weirdly unhappy with the idea of belonging to them. They whine, groan and complain of having lost their identity! If only many single women can stop wrestling with the madness of getting married to fulfil their inner happiness.

I am happy with myself, for myself and living my life like it is my last day on earth. One good thing that needs to be pursued when single is SEX! What about sex? Loneliness is real! What happens when I want to kiss? Sometimes, I do wanna shag! Like some serious spend-the-whole-week-cuming kinda shag, yea but I always tell my friends if you shag every man you fall in like with that makes you a HOE! Why do I want to get involved with anybody using their body as a scratching post to satisfy my own selfish yearnings?

Handling sex presents a problem for me as a single woman. Sometimes I feel frustrated and even angry at God for my being alone. I once complained to my friend about not being shagged or kissed for over 300days, and she said to me if it gets really bad, she’ll kiss me! Ha ha! I can’t allow my relationship disappointments on being unmarried hover me; I’ll only be the brunt of jokes and ridicule. I’m therefore keeping my lips and pants sealed till I meet that soul that is ready to walk a mile with me. It’s a life saving policy that my therapist has taught me!

When I’m done blabbing about my career or fantastic offers, the next thing that comes from my listeners mind is…so when are we meeting him? WHO HIM? I’ve stopped letting my society give a definition to who I am as a single woman. Marriage does not automatically equal happiness. Every woman should have the chance to be uniquely different without the psychological hazards that comes with society or family pressures. I have a right to be an individual, when he comes along, it will only be a plus.

I LOVE to look good effortlessly; it gives me five more inches and more confidence. I sway my hips down the mall like I own the world. I try to look good as much as I can without stress, being sloppy is very unattractive. It will rather be disturbing if I derive value from my physical appearance!

I’m at the learning-to-be-happy-alone phase right now and if you are in my shoes; if you want to live a rich life, you have to define yourself for yourself. No one is attracted to an empty shell. You sincerely don’t want to start ‘living’ when a man comes into your life, you have to live NOW!

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