Whether you are racially predisposed to have round disproportionate bum, or you are fabulously curvaceous anyway, I’m sure many women can empathise with the struggle that is skinny jeans buying. It is quite stressful to be sure. Your top half is one size, and your bottom half can be up to twice that. You’re in a changing room, squeezing and pulling, and swearing, and despairing, and it’s all quite chaotic. It makes wearing jeans a never ending tug of war-quite literally- and we struggle to find genuine piece of denim, that fits perfectly, flatters our shape, doesn’t ride down and is fiscally reasonable. In a retail world that is full of all shapes and sizes of jeans, but never one to fit the woman who dares to have a bum that decides to not to double as an anatomic ironing board, this seems like a gargantuan (pun unintended, but relished) task.

It’s why so many black women universally were grateful for the invention that is the “jegging”- a garment that-with the right quality-can both flatter us, and give the impression that we could actually find jeans to fit us. However, the struggle is over,ladies with spectacular assets! We don’t have to comprimise any more, as on my skinny jean travels over the past couple of years, I discovered a pair that ticks all the boxes…

The Dorothy Perkins skinny jean. Ladies, I cannot laud this enough. Stretchy, with light weight denim, it accentuates your curves, does not expose things you do not want to expose when you sit down, importantly, at £25.00 it’s a friggin steal. . When buying them though, I suggest you get three (maybe of different shades) because they have a pesky habit of discontinuing this exact pair for a few months, before bringing them back again. Maybe to whet our apetite for more? I do know that when they came back, I appreciated the stretchy figure hugging goodness so much more! It’s also a good idea to get more than one if you can, because these are guaranteed to be your favourite denim piece, and you’ll probably wear them to shreds (Like I did. Literally. I wore a hole in a very inappropriate place because I wore them so much.)

It’s no longer a matter of making do with a stiff pair of jeans that doesn’t fit around the waist, but fits our hips, or a pair that though might fit around our waist, refuses to go up past our knees. We have a pair that finally loves us just the way we are- disproportionality and all. These are just my recommendation, because after years-seriously years- of hunting for the perfect skinny jeans, these definitely came up trump, when it comes to looking FAB. However, if you have any jeans brand that you think can rival my choice, don’t hesitate to let us know! We can test them out, and see if they can out-fit, the FABulous Dorothy Perkin’s piece!

Check them out for yourself at the Dorothy Perkins website here (they also have an assortment of colours for the sartorially adventurous: www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp

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2 Responses

  1. bambi

    You guys amaze me with your disregard for people and the way you write is appalling. “Whether you are racially predisposed to have round disproportionate bum”, seriously? I remember your editor writing that Nigerian models need to eat less, you need to be very tactful about what you say and write because it can affect your growth potential.

    • Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo

      Hello Bambi,

      Sorry some of our writers’ tongue-in-cheek approach is not to your taste; however, please get your facts right before you point the finger. As the editor of this magazine I have never and would never make a comment suggesting Nigerian models should eat less. Over a year ago, one of our fashion assistants made this comment in their post and responded to criticism that came via comments. As a magazine we do not censor opinions, including those of our own staff. Having said this, no harm was meant by this article and the writer.



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