Louis Vuitton has announced Thandie Newton as the latest star to feature in its Double Exposure series which features the actress photographed by Tom Craig, show Newton wearing a selection of looks from the Vuitton autumn/winter 2011 collection and surrounded by some of her most personal possessions.

In the second installation of the brand’s Double Exposure project which featured Sam Taylor-Wood earlier this year for the first project, Thandie is captured in one intense shot as well as a second where she shares a personal collection of belongings including a painting from her childhood, an object created by her daughter and her passport.


The film aims to outline a ‘thoughtful value system that shows us luxury objects do not have to hold significant monetary value in order to be priceless to their owner.’

“Amidst the frenetic hustle and bustle of the modern consumer landscape one of the key creative objectives for Louis Vuitton was to slow things down, and take a moment to capture the true essence of the sitter, in order to create something that was unique, exclusive and timeless,” the luxury label said in a release.

The full Double Exposure film will debut on Louis Vuitton’s Facebook page September 8.

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