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FAB Social: Forget the Bad Spelling; Let’s Serve you Bad Manners and Bad PR – Will it end Well?

Social media is a blessing and a curse; a blessing because in the digital age it only takes a click of a button to let your voice be heard in cyberspace with inevitable shock waves in real life, whether you … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: How Many Column Inches? How Big is Your Wallet?

Over the last four or five years of a decade I have spent working in the media in Turkey, UK and Nigeria, I have noticed a growing and, quite frankly, worrying trend amongst the new generation of publications and journalists … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: KONY 2012… an Honest Campaign or a Product of Clever PR? – by Peter Apps

In 2005 most people I knew owned a white wristband embossed with the words ‘make poverty history’. They were, in theory, a political campaign aimed at pressuring the G8 summit in Scotland to take three steps which would, according, at … Continue reading

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