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FAB Discussions: Deaths in Custody – by Peter Apps

How many deaths in police custody would you imagine there have been in this country since 1998? Better still, how many can you name?
Most people would remember  Jean Charles deMenzies, shot while boarding an underground train by anti-terror police back … Continue reading

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Picking Through The Rubble: Reflections A Week On – by Guest Writer Peter Apps

In the midst of the riots last week, I said that later I might feel different.
I wasn’t wrong. On Monday I didn’t feel much beyond confusion, fear and revulsion. Now I’m left with mostly just the first of those emotions.

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FAB Asks: One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back?- by Daphne Tona Weyalo

A leading equality campaigner, Simon Woolley, director of Operation Black Vote (OBV) told the Voice newspaper that race relations have been set back ten years because of the riots. He says that the rioters have only made things worse for themselves … Continue reading

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The inquest into Mark   Duggan’s death was opened at north London coroner’s court eariler today. Following  ballistics tests, all evidence suggests that Mark Duggan did not shoot at police on Thursday 4th August – he was unlawfully killed by the … Continue reading

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London: Where the Streets Have no Shame

Following the controversial shooting of 30-year-old Mark Duggan by the armed police from the specialist firearms unit C019 in Tottenham on Thursday night and the ensuing rumours that the Duggan was not killed in self-defence but in the face at … Continue reading

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LONDON RIOTS – by Almaz Ohene

Mark Duggan, whose fatal  shooting by police on Thursday 4th August sparked the disturbances, used Blackberry Messenger to send his last message to his girlfriend, Semone Wilson, 29, writing: “The Feds are following me.”
On the afternoon of Saturday 6th August, … Continue reading

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