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FAB Asks: What would you do if your 17-year-old daughter came home pregnant, resolving to stop her education?

Baby mamas are not the first to receive a part on their backs and an accompanying sweet little kiss on the arrival… no, put it this way (let’s not jump the gun)… the timid, frightful announcement of “that thing” (I … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: What would you do to your child if they did this to your car?

It’s funny how some view discipline and on the reserve side how the recipients take it – especially if they are children who haven’t come so of age to understand half of what this life is about.

Disciplinary measures vary and … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: Why is Michelle Obama Such a Huge Style Icon

Michelle Obama recently made the Time Magazine Top 100 Style Icons, and I was not in the least bit surprised. Since becoming the First Lady, Michelle has been thrust into the spotlight, and has at least made sure we have … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: Have We Had Enough of Over Sexualised Female Artists Yet?

As I browsed the fashion blogs in my usual way I came across pictures of Nicki Minaj’s pictures for her new album, Roman Reloaded, I saw more of what we have all seen too much of, Nicki Minaj’s bottom. While … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: KONY 2012… an Honest Campaign or a Product of Clever PR? – by Peter Apps

In 2005 most people I knew owned a white wristband embossed with the words ‘make poverty history’.
They were, in theory, a political campaign aimed at pressuring the G8 summit in Scotland to take three steps which would, according, at least, … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: What’s on Your 2012 Wishlist? By Peter Apps

2011, as we are constantly being reminded, will probably go down in history as one of the most news heavy years ever; the cameras stumbled from uprisings, to riots, to a global protest movement. From the deaths of some of … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers What did you think? – by Almaz Ohene

Last night on Channel 4, Unreported World’s  Seyi Rhodes investigated the proliferation of Pentecostal churches in Nigeria –  organisations run by charismatic and wealthy pastors who offer the faithful material riches in addition to the banishement of demons and disease.

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FAB Asks: Are Women Married to their Jobs? by Almaz Ohene

Lady Gaga has admitted that she finds juggling love an a career impossible, saying:”Women have to make decisions. Is it a man or is it a career. I was with a man once who couldn’t understand other things could come … Continue reading

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FAB Asks: Are Open Relationships an Option for you? Almaz and Daphne Discuss Some Issues

Last month Daphne asked  are open relationships an option for you? In the light of the furore surrounding the rumoured Will And Jade Smith split  we chatted about the issue together.

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