The sequel to the acclaimed 2006 American drama film, ATL  directed by music video director Chris Robinson  which had  featured   hip-hop artist T.I., starred alongside   Antwan Andre Patton, a.k.a Big Boi of the hip hop group OutKast, Evan Ross, Jackie Long, Lauren London, and Mykelti Williamson  is  now in production.

Director Chris Robinson  first mentioned the  possibility of a sequel  in 2013  and  now it’s eventually happening.  Rapper T.I.  shared  a few scene  photos  with fellow actors  on  set  whilst confirming  that  it is  “officially going  down”.





However, whilst the news  inspires quite a buzz among  fans  and movie enthusiasts,  many are left wondering why it took  ten years  for  a  sequel to be made  and  there are skeptics who  ask the question: Will it be worth the watch?

Considering the decades in between the first one and the  remake,  we do hope the  story and overall direction will come out just as good  as the  initial  or better.

But well, what do you think?

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