Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 17.09.53 Susan Peters dropped some hot news on her fans via her Instagram page two days ago as she shared:

My first single ever coming soon!

Susan also shared a photo of her recording during a studio session. Susan peters - image

Several controversial comments were directed to Susan questioning her sudden change from acting to music and concerns if the soon to be released single would be a hit or miss, she replied confidently,

Am not discovering, av always been a singer bt in the choir and it’s nt wack mbok!

To the doubting fans, Susan Peters has declared her new single will be a yay!  We will keep you our FAB readers up-dated on this new venture of Susan’s.

Read the comments on her Instagram page regarding this news below

Susan P *Susan Peters is a multiple award-winning Nigerian actress with over 50 credits in Nollywood (Nigerian) movies.  She is a star on Nigerian TV, a successful model, interior designer and beauty salon owner.


Susan Peters


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