Five days after Jay Z announced the launch of his streaming service Tidal, the queen herself proved why the $9.99 standard fee is worth it. Beyoncé launched her brand new video for “Die With You” on Saturday (April 4), and needless to say, it was a pretty solid incentive for fans to gather their change and purchase a new account – because I mean who wants to miss out on a Beyonce video?


In the video for the stripped-down song, dedicated to the Hov himself, and was released on their seventh wedding anniversary — Bey plays the piano in a backwards cap and “Thriller” T-shirt. It’s a stunningly soulful track and at the end, Mrs. Carter screams “yeah, thank you!” to the camera man… who (SPOILER ALERT!) ends up being Jay, hwow cute.

Check out the video here if you have an account, and if not, you can picture it in your head while you listen to “Die With You” on SoundCloud:

Update; we got our hands on the video via a fan who’s shared it on YouTube, check it out below;

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