Bye Bye famous harem pants, jodhpurs’ and leggings; make way for simplicity and luxury combine to an elegant effect.

This season the ladies are taking a mannish turn in fashion. They are giving the gents a run for their fashion as they show them how to rock in a suit. What a man can wear …I guess a woman can wear even better!

All the celebrities are kicking in the habit of a well-cut, slim-line and sleek suit and doing it with smoking attitude.

Dressing like a gent, and more about the resourcefulness of a women’s closet, its soft and feminine, to clean and tailored and bold and daring. Its much more than form follows function. Take suiting up to a different level with bright colours on a full suit or mix and match your hues, great for this season.


• Softened the menswear-inspired outfit with feminine make-up and flowy hair.
• Break the traditional colours of black and grey; spice it up with this seasons colour palette of bold hues.
• Pair pen suits with a silk blouse.
• For a more feminine take, team with a pair of high heels or for a full-on mannish looks, pair with loafers, velvet gentleman’s slipper or brogues.
• For the traditional back or white suits, pair with block colour shoes or animal prints.

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