With the sudden influx of online  fashion start-ups and enterprises, including the rapid growth of  blogs and e-magazines which now all constitute the saturated digital fashion market, Style.com is going the other way to launch its fresh fashion editorial format into a print magazine. First launched in 2000 under Conde Nast, the online fashion favourite will name its paper counterpart Style.com/Print.










The new glossy  magazine  launched this week aims to take the effective idea of speed reading and transport onto a magazine, so the first 100 pages can be read in about 5 minutes.

“We wanted to give the reader a sense of what it is like to go through the journey of the shows, from New York to London to Milan to Paris,” said Dirk Standen, the editor of Style.com. The idea was basically to create a collectible distillation of what happened during the spring 2012 runway season, which ended only three weeks ago. It will cost $14.99 on newsstands, or $4.99 plus shipping if ordered online before Monday.

The first issue’s front cover is graced by 17 year old model from Kansas, Linsday Wixon sporting hot pink lips framed by a hot pink boarder. The magazine will feature much of the site’s original content like twitter messages, Tommy Ton street-style photography, top ten lists, editors favourites, and party people will now all feature in the hard-copy, with the addition of meaty Q&A’s and interviews with the likes of Proenza Schouler and Donatella Versace.

What do you think about Style.com’s brave move into print?

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