Anisa is a singer, songwriter and piano player who is ready to take on the world with a voice that can rival the world’s strongest female vocalist. Born to French Mother and Iranian Father, Anisa sure has the talent, skills and determination that would place her and keep her Top in the industry.She started her musical career at a very young age, juggling her musical career with her University studies but her focus and determination brought her desired results. She recently co-wrote the song ‘Piano’ for US superstar Ariana Grande’s album titled ‘Yours Truly’ and the song was an instant success upon the release of the album.

Anisa has been working with some of the biggest songwriting and production names in the UK and US, she has also worked with UK rapper Chipmunk for years as she was previously on the same label as him. She plans to meet and work with Keyshia Cole and Tank and would also love to collaborate with Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars and Frank Ocean. Anisa has been recognized as a promising global talent and is fully prepared for the incredible journey that lies ahead of her.






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