Big Foot Records presents young talent duo, Shimzie & D.A. with their latest single, Magnificent. A ditty fusion of afro tunes and R&B!

Shimzie aka Mr Lecturah is a young and budding Afrobeat artist, from expressive punning to sentient doggerel, Shimzie gives an alternative interpretation of rhyme. His compadre D.A. also based in London, is already a music producer as well as a urban music buff specialising in a range of genre from soul to hip hop. This surely is an achievement for both of them to establish a calling card at a tender age!








The duo has previously worked on other ditty Frequency and remix such as Oleku. Watch out for them!

About Big Foot
A team of dedicated and eccentric people. “We take what we do and and make it into what people love. Here we do not play when it comes to pleasing and delivering…Aiming to please is our focus and we ensure we do it right….”


For more information about the production, see
Song Download link: DOWNLOAD
Filmed By : @jayceemediatv​icial


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