Smell as good as you look

There are no excuses you’ve  got to smell great this summer. Here’s my pick of some must have fragrances for the ladies…

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian for Women EDP


Stockists:- (UK) Exclusively at Debenhams from June 1st (International) All reputable luxury retailers

It feels so wrong to admit that I am totally addicted to Kim K’s perfume but I am (guilty pleasure)? Love an EDP as it lasts all day and all night. You’ll be surprised at just how fresh and sweet this one is. Similar to something Micheal Kors would produce with Vanilla Orchid, Sexy Musk and Creamy Sandalwood.


Calvin Klein

CK one edt

100ml from £25

Stockists:- All reputable luxury retailers

With all the recent ad campaigns it’s hard not to fall back in love with such a classic fragrance. CK one was Calvin Klein’s first unisex scent and was a global phenomenon after its launch in 1994. The fragrance begins with light and refreshing tones of bergamot, lemon and mandarin.


Kate Moss

Love Blossoms edt

30ml from £15

Stockists:- Available at

Love Blossoms is dedicated to spring and to a romantic side of the famous model, whose favorite seasons are spring and summer. Kate rarely puts a foot wrong when she’s working and this is yet another masterpiece. The fragrance reasonably priced, light and refreshingly floral.


Carolina Herrera

212 VIP

80ml from £59.99

Stockists:- All reputable luxury retailers

All perfume lovers will be familiar with the sensual 212 range and the VIP addition could be Carolina’s best yet. Oriental Vanilla and Bitter Orange will leave every lady feeling like she’s in VIP.





2 Responses

  1. Sinem

    Great post, Jules. My mum still swears by CK One, would you believe it? No other perfume has so far managed to tear her away from her precious scent. Even tried to give her 212 for a gift. Nope, no joy!
    Kim Kardashian’s really on her way to becoming a business mogul, her?

  2. Nicola

    yeh im a fan of CK but dont have it anymore :( im such a prefume bunny…i hate kate mosses ‘velvet hour’ which is lovely for a night out… i have quite a few different bottles of perfume now.. when it gets to the end l keep a small amount and then leave it and have a collection of about twenty now.. they dont all have a little bit in though! lol


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