Rather than go at issues alone, why do people not ask God for the grace to always take the right step in handling mountains?


If you are an artiste like Shawn Carter and you haven’t penned down any of your verses in the last decade and you have just been singing or rapping (free styling) from the top of your head in the studios. Aren’t you a genius?


Why are a lot of Nigerian young ladies all of a sudden having the same light complexion?


Still on BBA. Beverly Osu said “I made Nigeria proud during the Big Brother Africa.” Except for AfroCandy, did she make you proud?

British Academy Television Awards - Arrivals

According to Lindsay Lohan’s dad some months ago, Jo Rivers of Fashion Police was an addict for plastic surgery. Was he too blunt?


Where is the “ Wa wa o right” female emcees Kels?


Is it still Nigerian Football Federation or Nigerian Football Frustration?


Arsenal FC sold Robin Van Persie to Manchester United. Manchester United sold Danny Welbeck to Arsenal FC. Who made a better bargain?


Why is it that CAF’s Issa Hayatou is always caught on camera snoozing at stadia and football events?


Don’t we all concur with Zinedine Zidane that “Gareth Bale’s fee was incomprehensible” when he was signed?


Think of it, how can Nigerians expect effective laws to be enacted by our senators and representatives, whom the laws don’t affect?


Did you know that in theory, Twitter could support 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 profiles? That is 2.6 billion for every person on earth! Do you have a twitter profile?

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