Isn’t it apparent a lot of show hosts and Hollywood celebrities are portraying a form of moral Godliness which is devoid of and isn’t Holiness?


Did you know that Rwanda is evolving into the Conference Capital of the World?

Football Season

After the thrills of the Brazil World Cup and with the signings of players by different clubs; isn’t it apparent the 2014/2015 football season would be more than a delight?

Nigerian Public Officers

Can you pinpoint any Nigerian public officer who doesn’t live above his/her means?

Pro-Active Ebola

Isn’t it amazing that the Federal Government has been pro-active with regards to the Ebola Virus containment and can this pro-activeness be infused in other responsibilities of the government?

Jim Iyke

Wasn’t it improper for Jim Iyke to have posted an insensitive picture related to Ebola while in Liberia? And what does it connote of his responsibility as a Nollywood actor?


More than 111 days after the Abduction of the #ChibokGirls; you can but ask if the government would really #BringBackOurGirls Now and Alive?


Floyd Mayweather smiles to the bank three times a year, would he end up frowning to the banks like broke Mike Tyson and Iverson?


LAFAFA Awards is here! Who would be on the official list of the top 10 on-air-personalities with Locally Acquired Foreign Albeit Fake Accents better known as LAFAFA Awards?


Is it true that if ever the Nollywood actor Segun Arinze, is a witness in a case against you, you would be jailed because he “sees” everything?

Nigerian Oil Sector

What is behind this trend in the Nigerian oil sector? There are truckloads of young men who are married or get married with ease whilst there are truck-loads of single ladies? Is this a global phenomenon?

Nigerian Politics

Nigerians are active when it pertains to proffering solutions to political issues but why are a majority docile when it concerns political engagement?


Which group has the highest form of integrity in your country? A. Politicians B. Journalists. C. The clergy/religious leaders D. Military. E. None of the above?


Good journalism matters tremendously in the world. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the quality of the media in your country? Do they hold public officials accountable?

Koko Phone

What ever happened to Anabel and Koko phones by Nicholas Okoye and D’banj respectively?


In the early days of the month of April, Nigerian childstar of the 80s tweeted her happiness at the expiration of a 25year old recording contract from Polygram Records. Since the recording firm still in existence?


Prophet Soul E now sees visions? When did his ministry move to Nostradamus levels?


Wiz-Kid and Davido are throwing juvenile tantrums via social media. Would they be relevant in the next 10 years with their brand of music and lyrics?

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