“The dictator must be assassinated. But who will replace him?”

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s revival of the Bard’s political drama, Julius Caesar, is re-imagined in modern, politically volatile Africa with an all-black cast. The production is directed by Gregory Doran.
Shakespeare’s play, also known as The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is based on events from Roman history. It portrays the conspiracy against the Roman dictator, his assassination and the defeat of the conspirators in battle.

The play will be transposed to an unidentified African state some point in the past 50 years and cast with black British actors. It will be the first production that the RSC’s artistic-director-in-waiting Gregory Doran has done for Stratford’s Royal Shakespeare Theatre since it was recently reconfigured and transformed, and the production is also being filmed (partly on location, partly in the theatre) for BBC Four.

RSC regular Jeffery Kissoon plays Julius Caesar. Coronation Street actor and Harry Potter centaur Ray Fearon plays Caesar’s ally and defender Mark Antony. Paterson Joseph (Casualty, William and Mary) plays Brutus.

This is fresh revamping of Shakespeare’s well known political saga, with the paralells to Africa’s own political struggles highlighted by this intriguing twist. It is held by the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company themselves and whilst dates in Shakespeare country-Stratford Upon Avon– ends on the 7th of July, they also have dates in Newcastle Upon Tyne, London, Aylesbury, Bradford, Salford, Norwich and Cardiff, running well into Autumn!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysCEvWS0qkw&w=853&h=480]

For tickets and more information, visit the Royal Shakespeare Company, here. http://www.rsc.org.uk/whats-on/julius-caesar/

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