Rihanna might just be Hollywood queen of controversy. She has been in the scenes for so many other reasons and this time its for her gun-shaped handbag. Rihanna was spotted when she stepped out for a business dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on Sunday night rocking a gun-shaped handbag and also holding on the other hand a gun patterned clutch. That’s so much love for a gun. She is a fan of the firearm and she intends to let everyone know that. Badgirl Riri as she is often called has done her best to show her love for firearms as she also has a gun tattoo on her slender nicely toned body.


With so much love for guns could she be aiming at her Ex or at those fans that steadily come after her on social media?Rihanna was spotted back in 2012 at a shooting range practicing her aim with a couple of firearms. She was also featured in a movie Battleship where she handled firearms.  The former girlfriend of Chris Brown also has another passion asides music and showing off her love for guns, Her recent film ‘Home’ is slated to hit the US theaters on March 27 2015. Home is a new animation film by Dreamworks studio where Rihanna lends her voice to the main female character.


Photo Source: Daily Mail

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