15 MINUTES into the show and then I finally got used to seeing James Franco as the protagonist, Will Rodman, a scientist who is in charge of a revolutionary cure method for patients with Alzheimer’s alike symptoms. What has embedded so deeply in my memories about him is that I have all along only imagined him as Green Goblin Jr. in the Spider-Man film franchise. But it was not difficult to be siphoned in the beginning after all, this sci-fi movie is not new to me or those who have learnt what happened in the previous production: Planet of the Apes.  Even though I can barely recall the scenes from the first installment, I remembered vividly that I was saddened to learn the ending when after what Leo (Mark Wahlberg) and his team have gone through finding their way back to Earth, and in the end only Leo managed to make it back to Earth. There,  he sees Lincoln’s head is now replaced by General Thade’s at the Memorial Hall in D.C.. In that instant, he finds out the human race has been wiped out and replaced by apes.



It’s totally alright if you have missed the previous one because the latest is a reboot of the former and its story line does not inherit anything much from its precedent except that these apes still exists for experiments. But the plot has the same motive – to see how humans be punished by their own wrongdoings, which is a good wake up call to all white-coated alchemists messing around with potions! Certain things in life cannot be changed because when you fight nature, it will fight back twice harder!

Hmm..Take Rise of the Planet of the Apes like the way it is for Batman Begins for the makeover of past Batman installments. Everything goes digital these days in the cinema and that includes the apes in the new reboot – they are made using motion capture instead of real-life characters.

I relate the story closely to the example of how a person raise a cub and years later, it becomes a tiger that start eating other humans  except its owner in the case of Ape anecdotes. There are many lighthearted moments in this film as well but you know trouble is on its way each time Caeser (the lead ape) gets older. It shows how dramatic things can become because of little things neglected in life.

I thought most of the audience could figure out roughly what happens in the end of the film, but nonetheless for me, I was eager to know how to story unfold. Just imagine, a chimp riot probably a lot times shocking than Croydon’s. There are again another surprise – expect a roasted turkey from Tom Felton – while Draco Malfoy may have escaped the Fienfyre, chimaeras of flames in the good-bye chapter of Harry Potter, this time it’s not so lucky for him as Dodge Landon, a guard in the primate facility. Watch and find out why!






Overall, the film is definitely worthwhile especially if you wanna be part of the beginning of a feasible trilogy. If everything go as planned, expect a Part 2! What puzzled some of us was during the end as the credits roll, a short clip pops up and makes fast-thinking audience wonder if a sequel is on its way, so do not evacuate yet! Might be useful to know that Rise of the Planet of the Apes have topped the weekend chart twice ever since its debut in the US and Canada!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28Z_D9Grh18&w=550&h=343]


Released: 11 August 2011
See it if you liked: Star Trek (2009), Splice (2010), X-Men: First Class (2011)

Main Cast: James Franco, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto and Brian Cox
Director: Rupert Wyatt
Running Time: 105 mins





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