In what was certainly not an April Fools’ joke, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan drew widespread scrutiny on April 1 for an article released earlier this year titled “21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015.” The side-by-side images were supposed to highlight trends that should be “in” or “out” for the new year. Only one mixed-race woman, Nicole Richie, was in the ‘Hello, Gorgeous!’ column, while three black women and one Latina were in the ‘R.I.P.’ column, again really Cosmo!?

Cosmo apologized for the blunder, but this was no isolated incident. The fashion industry has had a troubling history in dealing with race. Here are some unfortunate trends that simply must go.

Using ‘Blackface’ instead of hiring black models


Lightening the skin of women of colour


Photo shoots that play on racist stereotypes

Giving white people credit for fashion trends they didn’t create

katy perry

Appropriating ethnic and ethnoreligious attire to make fashion statements

#WhiteGirlsRock and #WhiteOutDay

Products that deem white skin “normal.”

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