Photographer James Petrozzello  paid homage to the original Queens of the Kalakuta Republic by photographing the FELA! dancers representing each queen. Each portrait captures the striking style, captivating beauty and energy of the queens, each depicting gorgeous  African beauties. In an interview James expressed that he has always been a fan of Fela Kuti, “The first time I saw his ‘queens’ I was struck by their radical style. I wanted to make these photos to pay homage to their beauty and to bring attention to the women who contributed so much to Fela’s life.”

Photographs of the Original Kalakuta Queens  & Portraits of the FELA! Queens by James Petrozzello


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  1. Oma E

    I’m absolutely WOW-ed by this piece. The fotos are ((((((((((((amazing))))))))))), totally blown away. Guess it speaks to my visual sense. So tickled………….giggling!!!!!!!!!!

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