We love spotting new designers so we were excited when we came across Queen Enidiok, the young woman behind the fashion line called Queen E. Collection.

With a lovely new collection that plays with fabrics like leather, sheer, Ankara and more, the Queen E. Collection has unveiled several looks that will be perfect for fashion forward women who have defined their own style and individuality.

We love how the collection is a balanced mix of Western looks and African fabric. According to the brand’s website, Queen Enidiok is inspired by her African roots and the Nigerian born designer and stylist is always looking to celebrate fashion forward men.

There is a blend of simple yet sophisticated, chic and elegant pieces that will be perfect for the average African woman’s body.

Queen E. Collection made her first official collection debut into the fashion industry when she was selected to showcase alongside already well known and established designers at the 2014 Africa Fashion Week London that was held in Lagos, Nigeria.

Check out some of our favourite looks from the collection below:

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