PRIEST by Sharon Ezeamaka

Hey Hey! Who has seen “Priest“?? or who hasn’t?? I’ve been waiting for that movie and I finally saw it on Wednesday….. And yes, I loved it!

Apart from the fact that I’ve always loved vampire movies, Cam Gigandet starred in it… Remember him? The hottie in “Burlesque“. Amazing actor, super hot and super cute. Ok, enough…. Let me talk about the movie.

So there were priests and vamps and people and the church and yeah, war. Does that tell you anything? Of course not. Did you really think I was going to tell you about the movie? Hahahaha.

Ok, lets be serious now. As usual, I was looking for their flaws and I must say, I almost didn’t see any. Everything was intact, from the acting to the locations, to the interpretation of the characters, everything.

I could see the pain on everybody’s face, especially the priest. I didn’t need him to say “oh! I’m pained” I could see it the whole time and that was just lovely. On a scale on 10, they scored 8/10. Not because they couldn’t get a 10 but  because I’ll never give anybody 10/10 and only movies with Robert Pattinson can score 9/10…. :D l. Seriously though, 8/10 is the highest I can ever score a movie.

And before I forget, after seeing this movie, I finally learnt how “human vampires” were created…. I think.

Here are two of my fave trailers…… Enjoy!

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  1. Chinonye Chikwe

    Aaaaarrrgggghhh!!! Vampire movies???????? They scare me a whole lot. They make me feel they’re realllllllll :@…..jumping outta ma skin……buh,,,,my siblings n cousins seems to love the movies*anything horror*xoxo


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