WSJ magazine has tapped Pharrell Williams for their September 2014 cover story with the ageless producer and musician looking extra dapper in a black and white polka dot and pinstripe suit from Dior Homme’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

For his photo spread Pharrell Williams is posed for simple photos, as he is captured in black & white photos by Peter Lindbergh.


Talking about why he signed on to be a judge for NBC’s ‘The Voice’, Pharrell shares, “You want to know why I’m doing this. Producing is what I do every day, talking to people about what they want in their track, giving them advice about what sounds good juxtaposed with their voice and their style. That’s what I’ll be doing on the show, but it’s a huge platform, and it’s about paying it forward. The universe has been good to me, so it’s like, ‘What can I share with you guys?’ I’m hoping that some person in Iowa can take some of my advice, internalize it and go and be bigger than all of us put together.”

Read up more on his interview Here and check out more shoots from the magazine below:

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