ghana 1d 2On January 14, 2013, British’s Boy-band ‘One Direction’ visited the African country of Ghana to support the ‘Red Nose Day’ project in raising money for the charity comic relief.

The Red Nose Day is a comic Relief which started February 5th, 1988, for the benefit of bringing about a positive and lasting change in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged people, where every single money donated is spent on charitable projects.

The Ghanaian’s had a decent and modest report of comportment toward the arrival of the boys at their hotel in Ghana. Unlike the usual screaming fans in North America, Europe, or New Zealand; 1D had a homely cheerful welcome by excited fans outside their hotel and were said not to be mobbed but greeted with a lot of honour and respect by their fans. (Nice one Ghana! ,way to go).

ghana 1d

Harry Styles, one of the band member tweeted while they were in Ghana saying “Today, was the most amazing day I’ve had so far…in my life ever.” “@rednoseday , thank you so much for having us. It was amazing and we’ll see you soon. Xx”.

Niall Horan, band member also tweeted: “massive thanks to @rednoseday for taking us to Ghana! It was incredible real eye opener! , we take so much for granted over here!. Watch comic relief this @rednoseday, you are in for a shock and eye opener! And fun too. And from what I gathered! Michael Essien you are a hero to a lot of those people!”

The boys filmed scenes for the official Red Nose Day video will be released in February 2013 and available on iTunes from 31st January 2013. The making of the video will also be shown on the Red Nose Day Night on TV in March 2013.

One-Direction-Olympic-Closing-CeremonySince am the biggest One Direction fan ever, am so positive that you shouldn’t miss the exciting video scenes on the boys trip to Ghana when it’s been released. Another excellent job well done to 1D.

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