As a budding journalist myself I take it upon myself to listen to the news daily – as any budding journalist would/ should. But I got a little tired of hearing about what the UK thought about President Obama, I wanted to hear more about the First Lady because according to Beyonce “Who runs the world? Girls!” So naturally I had so scour the internet to find out what one of the world’s favourite fashionistas has been wearing on her UK visit. I think she has been looking more than lovely. What do you think?

The famous couple arrive at Stansted Airport on Monday, ahead of schedule, to avoid the volcanic ash!

Source: The Telegraph

Photo by Chris Radburn / AP Images

Photo by Carl Court / Getty Images

The First family meet Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife. So really, the First family meets the First family…

Source: The Telegraph


Battle of the fashionistas! Well not really, they both look great!

Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama

Source: The Telegraph

Source: The Telegraph

Photo: GETTY

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