FAB meets Crozz. He’s currently the face of VISAFONE; he runs a mobile modelling agency in Lagos, is a runway model and dynamic photographer. He shares his personal life and hurdles of being a model in Nigeria.

FAB: Everybody knows you as ‘Crozz’ is that your real name?

CROZZ: Not at all!  Crozz is my runway nickname. My full name is Ejiro Jalogho.

FAB: Have you always lived in Lagos?

CROZZ: I grew up in Warri, having my tertiary education there before proceeding to Benin for my university education. I moved to Lagos 2005 to pursue my dreams as a model.


FAB: How easy has it been in the realization of your dream?

CROZZ I’ll be having a comedy show if I tell you that it’s been easy. We have over 1001 models out there and getting a job is major stress. You all have the abs, muscles and all it takes physically but it takes the grace of God to be a stand out.


FAB:What do you like about runway modelling?  CROZZ: Your purpose on the runway is to showcase designer clothes. The second thing you need to realize that it’s a good platform for exposure and future bookings.


FAB: What has been your major success of late? 

CROZZ: Being the face of VISAFONE is my major success so far. It wasn’t planned at all because it usually takes a process, screening and all that but mine was just magical as they took me the day I went for the casting. I signed for a year contract but it’s just been extended to two years.


FAB: Have you won any award?

CROZZ:Not yet but I’ve been nominated four times for the Most Outstanding Model of the Year and like my friends would say ‘for you to be nominated is an achievement’.


FAB: What’s your plan in the next 5years?

CROZZ: I’m working towards going international. Having my fashion label and probably acting, I’m very dynamic.


FAB:How do you cope with women ogling around you? Are you single?

CROZZ:I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years and she’s with me most of the time. She should be able to tell how I cope with other women. Lol!


FAB: What do you hate most about your job?

CROZZ:Molestation. Most of the time our clients don’t treat us well in terms of giving jobs. They also tell you to come for casting without providing adequate care, you are under the sun or rain for hours till you are called. The procedure is more than what you see on the runway, it’s terrible.


FAB: What would you like to correct in this part of the fashion industry?

CROZZ:We are working and fighting to be heard. Our clients need to respect us as humans. We see the way they treat foreign models and the money they pay them. We are only paid peanuts with no one celebrating us.
Let’s leave your job now.

FAB: What do you think of over-achieving women? Can you date a woman who earns 20 times more than your wage?

CROZZ:I think understanding your partner is the key to a successful relationship irrespective of the age or achievement. I once dated one, we got along very well, she wasn’t bossy or rude. We were just friends and that was all. I don’t think being an achiever should scare any man away if he really wants to be with you because at the end of the day it is not a do/die affair. Lol!


FAB: What moves you in a woman?

CROZZ: Beauty or Brains? If I’m to choose one I’ll say brains before beauty; too many young beautiful ladies out there with no clue on what’s going on in our world today.


FAB: Ever considered plastic surgery?

CROZZ: NEVER! I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I’m physically fit, work out a lot and obsessed with my body. I don’t see any reason for having the knives on me. Lol!

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