Andre Johnson

An American rapper who is affiliated to the Wu-Tang rap group Anre Johnson was reported to have cut off his penis on Wednesday morning in a suicidal attempt. TMZ reported that Johnson jumped from a second floor balcony right after he cut himself. He was found on the sidewalk outside an apartment building in West Hollywood.


Johnson is also known as Christ Bearer and Andre Roxx. Members of Northstar which was founded by Wu-Tang who witnessed the scene told TMZ that without warning, Andre cut off his penis and leaped off the balcony. They said by the time they got downstairs he was running around screaming. They also insisted that  hard drugs were not involved. Johnson is believed to be mentally unstable at the moment.

Although doctors were not able to fix his detached penis, an update report states that Johnson is amazingly in stable condition.

‘Show Me’ Andre Jonson/Christ Bearer

‘The God’ Andre Jonson/Christ Bearer

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