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On Saturday, a Nigerian man identified to be Chris Dikeh was found on the wheel well of a South  African plane that took off in Dakar, Senegal and arrived Dulles Airport in Washington D.C.

Chris was believed to have frozen to death in temperatures reaching 60 degrees Celsius. Airport authorities say the body was discovered from the landing gear of the Airbus A340 belonging to the South African Airways. The flight had arrived Dulles on Wednesday last week.

In a press release sent to Per Second News by officials of the South African Airways and signed by South African Airways spokesperson Mr Tlali Tlali said,

“SAA has initiated an internal investigation into the discovery of a human body on its aircraft in Washington DC, in the United States of America.

Once at the Dulles International Airport in Washington DC, it was discovered that there was a fault with the landing gear of the aircraft A340-300 and the aircraft had to receive attention. It led to SAA dispatching its engineers and technicians to the US to identify the cause and to fix the fault on the aircraft”.

“During the process of conducting tests on the aircraft, SAA engineers discovered a human body in the centre wheel well”.

“SAA will offer its full cooperation to the US authorities and/or law enforcement agencies in an effort to ensure that a thorough investigation into this incident is carried out as expeditiously as possible”.

“We regret any loss of human life and are deeply concerned about the suspicious circumstances surrounding this incident and for that reason we have initiated an SAA internal investigation into the whole matter”, Tlali concluded.

Based on the reports from South African Airways, the plane initially departed from Johannesburg and made a stop in Dakar, Senegal before arriving in the U.S. It’s still unclear when the body got into the wheel well of the plane.

The pathologist who carried out a postmortem examination on Dikeh, said he might have died hours after take-off as oxygen levels plummeted. Officials of the Department of Homeland Security have contacted the Embassy of Nigeria to verify his citizenship status.

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