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Mick Jagger opens up about the death of his girlfriend L’Wren Scott, a day after she was found dead by her assistant in her Manhattan apartment after committing suicide.

On Tuesday, the rock star took to Facebook to post a painful and heartfelt tribute to Scott who was 49 years old before she passed on.

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Jagger & L’wren

“I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way” he wrote. “We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves.”

Jagger added, “She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me,” before singling out the massive outpouring of support that has flooded in: “I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received.”

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Mick Jagger & L’wren

 “I will never forget her.” The Rolling Stones’ singer closed the emotional note.

Scott, who had dressed stars like Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama died on Monday morning. Following the sad news of her death, The Rolling Stones have canceled its upcoming concert in Australia.

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RIP L’wren.

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