NBA commissioner Adam Silver

This is one good news we have all been waiting for!

The newly appointed NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned the Clippers boss (Donald Sterling) from the league for life. Silver made the announcement in a news conference yesterday and his decision is fueled by the national outrage over Sterling’s racist comments to his girlfriend V.Stiviano (read all about it here).

Silver stated that the NBA conducted a very detailed investigation which concluded that it was actually Sterling’s voice on the recordings made by his girlfriend Stiviano and that the comments he made were “extremely offensive and outrageous”



Silver also said that he would force the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise to remove Sterling from the NBA’s ownership ranks. Silver has the power to do this  as it is written in the constitution, which allows the leagues ownership to terminate another owner’s franchise rights with a three-fourths vote of the NBA Board of Governors.


Donald Sterling

This is not the first time Sterling has faced allegations of racial discrimination. In 2009 he settled for $2.73 million in a lawsuit that accused him of refusing to rent apartments to minorities. While in 2011, Sterling won a lawsuit brought by NBA’s former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor over harassment and discrimination claims. Sterling has had it coming.

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